Ignorant rap song of the month: Speakers Going Hammer

My work often takes me to Howard University basketball games, where the main attraction generally is not on the court but in the stands, where the college kids get hyped up by the soundtrack of today’s rap “hits,” played at ear-rupturing levels, by the DJ.

As a rule, I don’t pay attention to what’s on the radio, preferring to live in my own little world of old-school hiphop and the select few artists of today that I can tolerate. But every so often, one of the ridiculous songs the DJ spins will burrow into my mind and I am forced to admit lowering my standards all the way to ground level.

And this is how I’ve come to purchase a Soulja Boy song off iTunes. “Speakers Going Hammer” says ABSOLUTELY nothing of substance, but damn if it isn’t catchy. Bonus points to the video as well, for using one of the six or so standard tropes of rap videos – converting the nerdy white folks to pure coonery through the power of music.


~ by Elliott on January 11, 2011.

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