Movie Review: Iron Man 2

Well you know me, so you know that I am always pleased with a  big blockbuster comic book movie release.  So when I saw Iron Man 2 being hyped for the past 6 months, I knew that’s exactly what I was going to get when I sat down last saturday night.  Now let me say something before I get going here.  I love the fact that comic books are becoming the norm, I really do.  But  that does not mean a blank check for the next 20 years.  The original Iron Man was a refreshing spin on an oft forgotten hero.  Here you have an egotistical, womanizing, rich kid, that ends up being almost totally fleshed out on the silver screen. Brilliant. Iron Man 1 did its job.  Downey did his job.  So whats left for Iron Man 2 to do?  Well lets find out.

Iron Man 2 is just what most sequels are.  A vehicle to rake in a boat load of money, which I don’t see being any problem for this particular movie.  But can the movie truly recapture the feel of the first one, or truly live up to the complexity of the Iron Man comic.  The answer is no, but not a resounding no. 

The movie is a mishmash between the two.  At times you do feel that Downey does Tony Stark justice, but at other times you feel that RDJ is really only doing himself justice(ham central).  Now I’m sure this is exactly what Favreau and Marvel wanted but as a seasoned movie goer I know a self-indulgent role and portrayal when i see one and Downeys performance was just that.  It worked some of the time but was annoying when it didn’t.  Not to mention the endless ad libbing and banter between Stark and his frantic assistant Pepper Potts( Gwyneth Paltrow).  As the viewer you’re left feeling at times that this is really RDJ 2 and not Iron Man, coupled with the fact that you don’t really get much suit action in the movie and even at times when you do RDJ has a tendency to overpower those scenes.  If you like Downey than this is your flick, if not be prepared to be irked.

Now as I stated before the movie tries to live up to the fast, fresh, young feeling of the first movie.  However i never felt the sense of exhilaration that i did with the first, instead I was left wanting more of what I had two years ago, often even reminiscing on scenes from the predecessor.  Thats not to say that this foray didn’t make me want to fly in a 2 ton suit as well.  There were scenes that as a comic book reader, I knew were accurate and did the artists and writers of the book justice. 

It is true what you’ve heard, the last sequence of the movie is fast paced and jaw dropping at times, I just wish they hadnt waited until the last 40 minutes(it gets announced in the movie even) to impress the audience.  And as far as the supporting cast of characters Terrence How…errr….Don Cheadle as War Machine, Scarlett Jo-HOT-ssen as Black Widow and (my dads favorite) S. L. Jackson as Nick Fury, ranged from believable to lukewarm to totally unnecessary(im looking at you Scarlett).  When you think of all that was really going on in the movie you really feel that anybody held a candle to the performance of RDJ and that was the only person you really gave a rats ass about.  But we all know you didn’t go to see Don Cheadle wax poetic, although you will get to see a pretty clever and witty performance from Sam Rockwell as gun runner Justin Hammer.  With all this being said you still don’t ever truly feel like you’re in the pages of the cerebral Iron Man comic.  Instead you feel at times like you’re watching the first big budget comic book comedy.

I don’t wanna seem like im being harsh on Iron Man 2 but it could have been better, should have been better, and would have been better if not for it being the money-making sequel that it is.  I’m glad they revisited shellhead so quickly and it is head and shoulders better than Xmen Origins: Wolverine( man my hand is tired typing that), but it is not better than Iron Man.(period!)  Final verdict, go see it in the theatre and definitely cop on blu ray but don’t expect to be as blown away as you were the  first time.


~ by asmithjazz on May 13, 2010.

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