Skeletons in my Ipod, vol. I

We all like to think that what is on our Ipods represent our awesome musical taste, one that would knock the socks off the pretty girl sitting next to you on the train or earn you kudos from some arbiter of coolness if they got a hold of your device.

In reality, we’ve all got some crap on there – stuff you may secretly enjoy, but would leave you mortified if someone got a glimpse of what was playing. 

I’m no different. Ninety-five percent of my Ipod is filled with hardcore rap. The other four percent is good music from other genres and artists I enjoy. But there’s that one percent that even makes me wonder sometime, “Why is this on here?” Skeletons in my Ipod will take a look at my embarrassing songs.

Lindsay Lohan may be a trainwreck now, but in 2004 she was at her celebrity apex. She had developed from precocious kid actor to spunky pre-teen to I-feel-guilty-for-thinking-this-girl-is-hot teenager into a full-bore star.

And as befitting the prepackaged stars of era then and now, Lohan’s next step after finding success on film and TV was recording a CD, even though she possessed no previous singing acumen.

Her debut album, “Speak,” will forever line the bargain-bin sections of record stores (although, to be fair, in the heady days of the CD industry in 2004, it did go platinum), long forgotten by most sane individuals.

However, the first single from the album, “Rumors,” was one of those songs that caught my attention. Trust me, I have no idea how or where I heard this song, but what sealed the deal for me was the video.

Now I know that when you currently think of Lindsay Lohan, you picture a cracked-out tramp stumbling out of a club at 2 a.m. But in 2004, it was all working for a redheaded, voluptuous Lohan and in this video, GOT DAMN SHE FINE!

/wipes drool off keyboard

That video was so hot artistic that I had to steal buy the song.

Oh yeah, the song. Well, it’s not much more than your average club jam, but I do give her some credit for not going a totally poppy route. Plus, it’s just catchy. I know, I know, we’re talking about a Lindsay Lohan song, but c’mon, it’s not that bad right?

In one of those cruel twists of fate, Lindsay spends much of the song and video bemoaning “people lying/saying what they want from me” while running away from the paparazzi. If she only had it as good now that she’s a national punchline.

Don’t worry, Lindsay. We’ll forever have “Rumors” and that Harry Potter skit from Saturday Night Live.

Embarrassment level: Nervous laughter


~ by Elliott on May 11, 2010.

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