Great scenes in awful movies, Part 9

“I Come in Peace” is a remnant of a simpler time, when a C-level alien invasion movie starring Dolph Lundgren could get released in theatres nationwide. I distinctly remember seeing the commercials for this film back in 1990 and knowing that I had to see it.

Of course the final result is patently terrible, a mishmash of buddy-cop flick and sci-fi thriller that only works when viewed from a comic relief standpoint. But the finale is home to one of the great “action one-liners” ever committed to film.

For those of you unfamiliar with my made-up term, just think of the cheesy rejoinders Sly, Arnold or the patron saint JCVD utters immediately before or after dispatching their opponents. Very few can top this one (skip to the four-minute mark for the maximum effect):

How awesome is that! You know the screenwriter gave himself a high five after coming up with that one. The line – and the set-up throughout – was so perfect that they changed the name of the flick, from “Dark Angel” to capitalize on it. Such is the power of a pithy action one-liner.


~ by Elliott on March 31, 2010.

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