Live on stage: Ghostface Killah

ghost“My name is Tony Starks, and I have powers.” So sayeth the Wu-Tang clansman also known as Ghostface Killah, and given his dextrous wordplay, prolific output, critical adoration and forays into TV and film, I tend to believe him.

Touring in support of his Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry album, Ghost made an appearance at the Showbox in Seattle on Saturday and proceeded to put on the kind of show that makes him the hiphop legend that he is.

Yes, it was the kind of concert you’ve seen a thousand times before if you’ve ever seen a rap show – tributes to ODB, Biggie and Tupac, diatribes against today’s brand of hiphop, bringing the hottest girls in the audience to the stage – but Ghost imbued the proceedings with his own special brand of energy.

From his drug tales (“I don’t even smoke anymore!”) to his travels (“I’ve been to Russia, nigga”) to his own discography (“I don’t give a fuck about records!”), Ghost was on his game in front of a surprisingly small, yet appreciative crowd. And Ghost seemed to ignore the numbers and focus on those who were there, pulling out the old rap trick out about how much he loves Seattle (“When I get off the plane, I just feel sumthin’, yo!”), yet making it actually sound believable.

As for the music, Ghost went through all his classics, including “Daytona 500,” “Apollo Kids” and “Run”, his own verses on the classic Wu-Tang group albums, and even other Clan members’ verses as well. Surprisingly, he only performed one track off his new release, the smooth jam “Baby,” which further proves that perhaps he doesn’t give a fuck about albums, instead catering to what he knows his fans want to hear.

This was my third time seeing Ghostface at the Showbox, and I’d go again tomorrow if he showed up. Yeah, the basic concert remains the same, but Ghost is such a showman, and this time around he talked so much more, that it was like getting our own private look into the mind of the lyrical swordsman.


~ by Elliott on October 26, 2009.

One Response to “Live on stage: Ghostface Killah”

  1. His rap is truly “like ziti”

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