Married with Children.

bundyFor much of my adult life I have wondered about what the “American Dream” would be like.  Hell, even since I was a kid I would picture myself as a totally different person when it came to thinking of myself as a father and husband.  And while the former happened slightly earlier than the last, they have both become a succinct part of history now.  It is a slightly surreal feeling to know that there is a little human being that basically needs you to thrive and even survive in the world.  Next you realize that its not only this tiny sapien but a grown one as well that similarly depends upon you now.  WTF happened!!!!

Before anybody gets the wrong idea I love my life, family and all that stuff that cheating politicians say, but I can vividly remember playing with my robust collection of Xmen for hours on end.  I remember playing wiffle ball in searing heat for hours upon hours in the summer.  Riding bikes on the same roads over and over again, for miles and miles.  What I’m getting at here is that I can remember and am so in tune with my childhood that I cant help but feel like a big kid in a grown up situation.  Sounds like heavy stuff right, but its not that deep.   Really it only rears its ugly head when I find myself playing a video game for 4 hours, or watching something like “Mom and Dad save the world” just to get that nostalgic feel of a 12 year old.  My daughter loves the kid in me because it often helps the kid in her.  Sometimes when she wants something and I know(Adult me) know that she shouldnt have it, but (Boy me) folds and gets it for her whether it be a pet rock, goldfish(2 have died already), star wars comics(which she hasnt read), or whatever thing a 6 year old would ask for.  The kid in me always wins out at some point.

Its the times when my wife(wow that sounds wierd) calls me her husband or my daughter(also wierd) calls me Daddy does the kid in me subside to let the man that skulks around inside of me take the stage.  This is not some internal struggle of good and evil, you know the kind that Spider Man goes through every movie, no this is more like a see saw that invariably goes up and down.  The point of this is not to berate marriage, or fatherhood, or being a responsible adult.  Instead it is to pay homage to the kid inside of me that kept the adult from being a total d-bag(just partial), the kid that makes sure his little girl knows what a Jedi padawan is.  To all the readers(all the Cold case haters) keep the kid in you, its not immaturity or irresponsibility to do so.  Instead, it is you realizing that the person you are now is all because of the kid that you once were.

PS: Jada and I cant wait for Christmas….Toys!!!!


~ by asmithjazz on July 30, 2009.

One Response to “Married with Children.”

  1. I am so happy to read that you had a wonderful childhood. That means your parents did a good job, right??? Answer truthfully. Everyone should embrace their inner child.

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