The sh*t list: Ryan Phillippe

ryanRyan Phillippe is part of a long and storied history of pretty-boy actors who are rather limited in the acting part of the equation. I have never gotten any vibe off Phillippe other than petulant vapidity no matter what role he plays. I always expect him to storm off, whining because he didn’t get his way.

Plus, he always has that stupid “Blue Steel” look in every single picture.

And he blew the only good thing he had going for him, allegedly cheating on wife Reese Witherspoon (whose star had eclipsed his) with a younger, sexier model. Since then, Phillippe’s been off the grid – his latest film, the straight-to-DVD release “Five Fingers,” has been on the shelf for more than three years. Do I get a small bit of glee out of this news? You bet.

As in our previous sh*t list entries, my dislike for Phillippe is arbitrary and irrational – I just don’t like the cut of his jib, or, to my taste, his nonexistant acting technique. I can trace it back all the way to the 1-2 punch of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “54,” two extremely lackluster films brought down even further due to Phillippe’s mediocre performances.

Things were really crystallized for me, however, with two of his biggest roles, “Cruel Intentions” and “The Way of The Gun.” I realize he was playing morally bankrupt characters in both movies, but the problem was, I didn’t buy it at all, especially in the latter film, when matched up against an exceptional actor like Benicio del Toro.

By the time “AntiTrust” rolled around, in which Phillippe was cast as a genius computer programmer opposite a nefarious Bill Gates-clone played by Tim Robbins, well, I didn’t have to even bother explaining why I couldn’t stand Phillippe.

Hell, he even managed to ruin “Chaos” for me, which should have been a perfectly acceptable piece of schlock starring the dynamic duo of Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes.

Thankfully, barring some minor miracle, Phillippe has been cast off into straight-to-DVD territory, although it was rumored he was up for Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight” (thank goodness that didn’t happen). Three of his last eight films didn’t get theatrically released, one (“Stop-Loss”) was a blip on the radar, and another (“Franklyn”) looks headed to Blockbuster soon.

Looks like this pretty boy has been replaced with a younger, more handsome model. Somewhere, Reese Witherspoon is cackling maniacally.


~ by Elliott on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “The sh*t list: Ryan Phillippe”

  1. You have really bad taste.

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