The sh*t list: Giovanni Ribisi



 Okay, before i really get going here lets just reiterate the point of our little list here.  ITS A JOKE!!!  Yes it is true that we hate these actors, and it is true that we may not have any valid reasons for doing so.  However it does not change that fact that when I see these actors or actresses I instantly want to watch a play in the old Ford theater(lets see who gets that one).

With that being said, one such actor that I have loathed over his snivelling, tearful, panicky, stuttering, neurotic, overly witty at times career, is Giovanni Ribisi.  He plays himself in every movie that he’s in.  Now I dont know the guy but how else could you get the exact same role for every freaking movie that youre in.  I mean he was even in a video game, 2003’s Call of Duty and he was b*tch in that as well(just the sound of his voice people). 

Now he has been in some great movies like Saving Private Ryan, Boiler Room, Gone in 60 seconds(guilty pleasure), but keep in mind in all of those movies he either begged, cried, or excessively panicked at some point.  Go ahead take a minute to peruse your mind and think of his every role and you will come to the same conclusion as we did; he’s on the sh*tlist.  His herky jerky, gibberish filled, overly coy nature is truly on display in a indiesque movie The Dog Problem.  The movie itself, like many of his other works, is interesting. It is Ribisi’s character that is literally unbearable, it was his role in this movie that was truly the catalyst for this list.

It’s not a question of range or playing a certain role because there are many actors who play the exact same role and succeed, i.e. Tommy Lee Jones.  The problem with Mr. Ribisi is that the role he recorruningly plays is that of grade A, econo sized douche bag.  Like I said before I’m not James Lipton, but I know an annoying actor when I see one.

~ by asmithjazz on June 13, 2009.

One Response to “The sh*t list: Giovanni Ribisi”

  1. What is it with my offspring??? Character actors play characters!!! But I guess have to say GR is annoying at times. But there was the one time he was on Friends as Phobe’s brother adn he was F-U-N-N-Y…Mom Knows Best…My annoying thespian??? Anyone on Gossip Girl!!!!! And yes I did get the reference to Ford’s Theater

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