The sh*t list: Kathryn Morris

morrisWelcome to The sh*t list, a recurring column in which we will discuss the actors and actresses that we hate for no apparent reason other than they annoy the crap out of us. Today’s victim: Kathryn Morris of TV’s “Cold Case.”

I don’t know when the sight of Ms. Morris began to fill me with rage, but now, I can’t stand to even see her pop up on my TV with that mouth-slighty-agape, 1,000-yard stare as she sexily ponders her latest long-gestating murder mystery.

My mother made me watch “Cold Case” once, and all I could handle was about five minutes before I was ready to punch Morris’ annoying character in the face. But since my mom only comes to visit (and attempts to control my TV) once a year, I’m perfectly fine with avoiding the show.

My problem lies in the fact that “Cold Case” and Morris’ hangdog look have invaded sacred territory: NFL football. CBS relentlessly promos the show during football games (as if anyone watching is really into “Cold Case”) and thus, I am bombarded with images of this woman whom I can’t stand.

Now, I’m sure Ms. Morris is a nice lady and all in real life, but she’s such a wet-blanket on screen that I can’t get past that. While I haven’t watched “Cold Case,” I have seen her in “Minority Report” (as Tom Cruise’s wet-blanket ex-wife) and “Mindhunters,” where I actively rooted for her to get killed despite being the film’s heroine.

The Internet Movie Database Message Boards (always a great place for sane, rational discussion) are filled with great topics about Morris, including: “OMG, a ghost!!!”, “WHAT is with her hair?”, “Any chance that KM is a lesbian?” and “She would make a really good vampire.”

About the only positive thing I can say about her is that she appeared in the batshit-crazy cinematic classic “Cool as Ice” (she’s in the first minute of the clip below), although I had no idea of that fact until I looked at her CV. That’s what I’ll remember next time I see her faux-serious face forlornly staring from my TV.


~ by Elliott on June 10, 2009.

12 Responses to “The sh*t list: Kathryn Morris”

  1. I would be more inclined to say that football invades Cold Case. With the games running so long, it often runs an hour or more into scripted show times, and pushes CC waaaay back.

  2. Sorry for the double comment, however I forgot to add: I didn’t get any indication from your post what it is exactly that makes CC and Morris so unwatchable. All you said was that you couldn’t watch and that she was a “wet blanket”. What makes her a wet blanket, exactly? I don’t see it.

  3. How dare you even say that about Kathryn, you have nothing else better to do than rant about someone whose seriously a really great actress, SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  4. You watched the show once and your mother made you and you didn’t want to watch the show? I’m curious which episode you watched. Under those circumstances I can see why you have described what you have. Clearly not too insighful into the real character of Lilly Rush. I was hoping to see something substantive about her character, about story, plot in your review. I’m sorry you had to endure those graphic flashes of KM during your NFL football. I watch football, too, and I enjoy seeing the promos of new cases. But then, I actually like Cold Case. 🙂 I love to see Lilly’s personal struggles and how the team of detectives come together to solve each case. Sometimes there is much humor mixed in but I suppose you didn’t see that because you were looking at her possible pony tail? I only responded to this as it came up on my goggle alerts. Just so you know, you will have to endure another season of KM Cold Case promos during your NFL season!

  5. Cold Case defenders, I make no claims about the quality of the show: as I said, I’ve only seen about five minutes of it (I believe it revolved around a Cuban baseball player).

    My dislike for Morris is long-standing and irrational – it’s just something about her that bugs the heck out of me – and has nothing to do with the show.

    I don’t think she’s a very good actress from the stuff I’ve seen in the past. Perhaps she’s become a more nuanced actress during her tenure on Cold Case.

    • But, you haven’t yet explained what makes her a bad actress, leaving me to wonder a.) what you’ve actually seen her in and b.) what your standards are, since you’ve talked about neither.

    • What if I told you I hated you deeply? I have no reason to loathe you becasue I don’t know you. But I guess in your little self-obsessed world, that’s okay. Her role in CC requires everything you seem to enjoy making fun of. If you had seen more than one epsiode, you may begin to realize that her acting is top-notch and requires more skill than many other actresses possess. You say yourself thatt it’s an irrational hate. Well, then keep it to yourself.

  6. As the mother of this ascerbic pundit, I too take issue with his unbridled revulsion for KM. Lily looks like a real cop and not some glamorized version of a poklice officer. She is sensitive and vulnerable. Hmmm…Does that annoy you???. Settle down E. I raised you better than to dislike someone with this intensity…Do I hateThe Seelers Big Ben??? I thnk not

  7. What the hell is wrong with u?She is a talented, sexy actress. You have problems. Thye show is dramatic, interesting and definetely addictive. I suggest you keep your mouth shut seeing you only watched the show once. Get a life and stop bagging her. There is nothing wrong with her hair, her apperance or her acting skills. She is a amazing actress.

  8. I fully understand Elliott’s issues with KM. She annoys the hell out of me! I swear, she always looks like she’s 4 seconds from nodding off! And what is it with that mouth droop? Sorry, I can’t stand her appearance…maybe too much botox? or maybe she lost too much weight? I don’t know, but in the last 3 years she’s aged 20! She needs to put some padding under her skin and stop with the dead-pan expressions. I used to think that she really had broken her jaw at some point because I thought she must have gotten false teeth. I could go on for paragraphs about how unbalanced her face has become but I need to stop…I’m getting nauseous!

    • i hate her too for no reason other than her face and that terrible hair. looks like a mullet and i hate all the pieces floating over her head looks terrible yuck. i do like the show but the whole time all i want to do is throw her in the shower and wash her nasty hair. its distracting when im trying to enjoy the show and i think she is anything but sexy gag so is terrible looking wierd shaped face bad hair gross

  9. I agree and she has weird eyes-what’s the deal? They always look like her makeup is weird or she is about to vampire-out!

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