The Dennis Quaid factor

d. quaidI already know that the “G.I. Joe” movie is going to suck (how could it not?), yet I will be there on opening day. Why? The Dennis Quaid factor.

You know how there are some actors you always support, no matter what? For me, that’s Dennis Quaid.

I have no idea why: I don’t think he’s a particularly great actor, nor is he my favorite thespian, yet I find myself drawn to the movies in which he appears. He reminds me of a white version of my dad – a steady, calming influence, who also just happens to be able to kick all kinds of ass.

I’ve been a big Quaid fan for a long time, probably going all the way back to 1983’s “Jaws 3-D,” which I am proud to say I saw in 3-D at the old Midlothian Theatre in Richmond, VA. (I can only imagine what my Grandma Gladys thought when that decapitated head floated across the screen in 3-D).

Ever since then, I’ve followed Quaid’s career, especially in the post-heartthrob roles he has taken since the mid-90s. Some of the movies he’s been in have been junk – I’m looking at you “Gang Related” and “Dragonheart” – but most have become personal favorites, the kind of cable comfort food that’s oh-so-nourishing during a flipping drought.

Some highlights include his portrayals of an aging quarterback in “Any Given Sunday,” the tormented FBI agent in the criminally under-appreciated “Switchback,” the flustered executive in “In Good Company,” the clueless president in the otherwise terrible “American Dreamz,” and the know-it-all professor in “Smart People.”

Heck, I even watched “The Parent Trap” and “Cold Creek Manor” because of my D. Quaid devotion. Amazingly, since 1997, I’ve seen all of Quaid’s 21 theatrical releases except for two – “Yours, Mine & Ours,” one of those ridiculous family comedies where people have 73 kids, and “Terra,” some animated flick that was completed in 2007 yet was just given a token release last month.

So, even though “G.I. Joe” will likely be a disappointment, especially given excitement over seeing one of my favorite toy lines as a kid finally given the Hollywood treatment, it won’t be all bad, because I’m sure my man Quaid will do something cool. If I ever find out Quaid’s filming a movie in Seattle, I’m buying him a beer.


~ by Elliott on June 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Dennis Quaid factor”

  1. […] as I’ve written before, I’m a mark for anything starring Dennis Quaid, so I found one of the remaining theatres […]

  2. I am a huge Dennis Quaid fan and I can say I have seen EVERY one of his movies. No matter how bad the movie, Dennis is the bright spot in it. He is a vastly underrated actor, and part of that is because he is so natural it hardly seems like he is acting. I have had the pleasure of meeting him and he is very down to earth and truly appreciates his fans. I am sure if you did see him in Seattle he would take you up on his offer.

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