Fox…please give the Xmen back!

wolvieEver since I was about 10 (1992) I have been a rabid fan of all things X (dont go dirty on me).  All things X-men that is.  For years I played out the stories that Claremont and Romita had written and illustrated, with my ever growing collection of X-characters.  For years I planned out who would be in the X-men movie, Stewart for Xavier, Van Damme for Gambit, Stallone for Wolvie…keep in mind it is the early 90’s we’re talking about.  Then May 5 2000, as i near high school graduation, my prayers and dreams are seemingly answered in the form of X-men 1.

Now many people say that this X-men is the most boring and quite possibly a forgettable movie.  But two things stand out for me when it comes to this classic. 1) Brian Singer had only 90million dollars to make this movie 2) the basic X-story was not that different from the comics.  Magneto devises plan, X-men stop him.  It was not the Saturdaymorning cartoon X-men but instead a serious movie about mutants.  This was a welcome change to the often campy spin that most superhero movies suffer from.  With the success of X1 came the guarantee of a X-chise, and unfortunately the beginning of the end.

X2 came out and as a fan I began to see that Fox was intent on pleasing the novice moviegoer (i.e. my grandmother) and not the people that made Marvel a successful company; the reader.  Though X2 is watchable and does stand up over time, the same cannot be said for the next X films to flounder upon the big screen.

X3 and X-menOrigins: Wolverine(WTF) are not X-men movies.  I repeat X3: The Last Stand(?) and X-men Origins: Wolverine are not X-men movies, hell they’re not even Marvel movies.  They are money making schemes for the good folks at Fox, and thats all they are.  For years I wondered what Wolverine’s past truly held only to be force fed on one of the industries biggest secrets in 2 hrs.  As a fan I felt as if I had just been punched in the jujunum(?), and by the end of that movie I wish I had.  So this post is my rant on the crappy fx, cheesy plots and over kill marketing schemes that have become Fox’s X-men.  In the name of Apocalypse please give the X-men back to Marvel so they can share the critical and box office success as some of their counterparts, like Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk.  Or just give it up and leave this proud and storied franchise to the pages of the comics from whence they came.


~ by asmithjazz on June 2, 2009.

One Response to “Fox…please give the Xmen back!”

  1. Having just watching the 1st X-Men movie last night, I beg to differ that it was bad. Loved the fact the powers were on display. LOved Mystique and that cool plastic jail for Magneto.. Last X-Men movie sucked…Wolvie was so darned angry…Yechhh

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